Tuesday, July 10, 2012

we changed. or not?

few days ago i went back to my high school
it was Qm's gathering
i went for the first time after graduating
it's been quite some time

i had the time of my life
it felt like..the good old days when we were back in high school
for some weird reason I (or us) got so hyped up the moment I see them
no sugar no alcohol needed
it's like i haven't been seeing that part of me in ages
just have fun like little kids and who cares about what others think
i guess i'm overjoyed just to be with them in school again
i believe all of us enjoyed

senior. teachers.juniors.
they told me i changed

and so..i went through our old pics and wow
i dissolved into laughters..
here's some nostalgic pictures

. . .

things they do...

hahahaha things we do.

our runner :>

look how happy were they bullying me.

resting in a row 
we ran..or walked together :>

gangsta keng sou?
remember what were we doing?

printing our tags ! :P

they weren't together yet were they?

bomba training! 

na pet kin LOL


"dak yi dao~"


that lens-less frame :>

two short hairs..
grew long..and they look so gorgeous 

i remember we laughed A LOT at this..can u recognize them? :P

things he did...

i was once that thin and small T__T

didn't know we're this cute HAHAHA

if you realize..she was the one taking the picture.all the time..

then we switched :>

while hiao kia..became hiao-er...
can't do anything for that LOL

we actually have a lot of girls group picture :)

and this..reminds me of yi wei..... ><
i'm sure everyone knows what i'm thinking about! 
unforgettable Langkawi trip..with bomba shirt *facepalm*

i still keep that bandana! wonder if everyone still has it

you see this CHOK xingkun. i thought he started chok only recently. but NO.
since last time!

he chok-ed all the way..
and i still remember me being the spoiler :D

still keep you tags guys?

all these pictures are so reminiscing
though it's just a small part of it
and i'm quite surprised that some of those memories are still vivid 
like it happened just yesterday
for someone as forgetful as me..
i'm impressed hahaha

and yes..maybe i changed a little
look wise..
but hey.i'm still that mien :>
blur/ laughing machine/ mien
(i still remember how i got 'laughing machine' this name :>)

everyone of us changed of course..as in our looks
but deep inside..i think we remained
from these pictures i can tell 
since we (or they) still act like this LOL

but maybe wiser HAHAHA *perasan*
but definitely we grew.
to a rather mature stage?
maybe a little? haha
and one thing that i'm really glad about
is that nothing kept us apart still
despite the totally different lifestyle we're all having
i'm really glad
though they say it's just that the time hasn't come yet.we'll eventually split
well. i won't say we won't
but let's just hope we won't : >

cause we look better in a big group : >

Saturday, June 9, 2012

take it easy!

mr.carrot is giving you some love ! : >
so sweet of him isn't it? 

so i haven't been blogging for a week..
and to be honest, it wasn't a really good one for me
not until yesterday after talking to Julie and Lyn

I felt tired..of being tired..

i guessed i really just pushed myself too hard
 can't endure anymore
mentally and physically 
that is why. i am changing : >

well.sort of started the change yesterday
didn't strain myself when it comes to CI2
no stress.not worried at all!
ok well i did feel the stress coming when i had no idea
but then. i SANG ! 
this i have to thank Jul

"Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin': "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right!"
-Bob Marley : Three Little Birds-

it's true it's true! 
i did it nonchalantly 
and apparently nothing went too bad today! 
isn't it awesome?
plus ~ i slept early last night!
well 1.30a.m. 

but everyone seemed stressed up today
class was so quiet and i felt the tension encircling everyone
how many times i felt like shouting
"TAKE IT EASY everyone!"
but ._____.
instead i laughed louder hoping to ease the tension hahaha *fail*
also i had this urge of hugging everyone and ask them to chill though
Research shows that ~ :

astonishing right? how a simple gesture can make a difference in one's health
and also make you feel better :D

i'm sure everyone had this 
'friend's sad.i don't know what to do' moment
well. now you know 
just one.simple.gesture
it will make a difference 
: >

conclusion : take it easy :>
                                                                          enjoy life they say. work is not everything 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mien In Blue


watched MIB 3 with the girls and the movie was a rib-tickler
maybe it was Nad's guffaw which became contagious
but nah..the movie itself was funny
Nad guffawed throughout the entire movie ! and of course..me too
Will Smith's expressions was so amusing !
and their dialogue..oh gosh..
you will laugh your head off 
the story was rather touching too
tearjerking at . . . of the story
Lyn cried...to be expected.

alright. enough of MIB
don't want to spoil it for those who haven't watch it yet

" Mien In Blue "
on a Friday :)

first. i have to say
Lyn actually took a lot of pictures of me but 90% of them were blur
*let's blame it on my phone* lol

so i had no choice but to retake them at my garden

Instead of 'Monday Blue' , i had a 'Friday Blue'
remember i mentioned something about my friday being my monday?
well it's true because Wednesday and Thursday are like my weekend (no class)
so technically Friday's my Monday and Tuesday's my Friday
and that explains why i wore blue
but not that i was feeling blue
on the contrary i felt quite relaxed
was that puzzling? you don't have to read that actually haha

. . .

i went for foot and full body massage that night

it was so good. yet SO PAINFUL

I wanted her (my masseuse) to just knock me out because she kept asking me to relax
but how it is possible to relax when you're in such pain?!
yet she told me she was only using 30% of her strength

about 5 mins after she started massaging
she asked for my age
i can tell she was muddled and slightly staggered
because she told me that i have the body of a 30-year-old person ._.

well..i'm not surprised actually. she's not the first masseuse who told me that

i guess i just have to start taking care of myself.
* which I have no idea how to do that.. *

since i'm not young anymore..physically.

take care people ! : >

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Bri-day!

" mien's bri-day's outfit : all from Bangkok "

 " i'm photo-shy! "

" look who's with me! "
( what a demure woman! :O )

It's Friday,
but unlike most of you out there,
friday is like
the beginning of 'weekdays' to me

Corporate Identity 2 class on Saturday
(which is tomorrow and i have no idea why am i blogging x.x)
Advertising Campaign class on Monday
Advance Advertising Visual class on Tuesday
nope. definitely not a
'weekend' to me 

I wanted to wear something
casual today
to make it 'feel' like it's a
Friday for meT-shirt and short pants
what can be more casual than that
(other than pajamas)

but eventually
I picked a blue top to go with an orange peach high-waist pants

eye-catching much?
well. i felt it's quite striking.
so not mien.
when i looked into the mirror i was like
" woah. who is this girl? "
" i am not wearing this to class am i ? "

but hey!
its good for a change once in a while i guess?
we only live once!

Coincidently !
Nad was in
green and Jul was in red
Powerpuff girls are back in town! 
. . .

have to resume to my work now
hope tomorrow's a
good day for all of us : >

photos credit to Nad ! :D
thanks Nad!
by the way only iPhone4 was used
with strong sunlight
iPhone picture's quality can be really good


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i am back!

" mien's formal outfit : all from Bangkok : > 
"(sorry for the awkward expressions..and yes the pants is too big for me LOL)
" hello, my name's amanda, or you can call me mien, i'm good with both :) "...

hmm.is it just me? or I find it rather awkward with my introduction.
I'm not good in introducing myself .probably because..i'm a shy person *blush* LOL
so let's skip the introduction. you'll find out more about me as i keep blogging 
WHICH i hope i can sustain this blog of mine 
i got a feeling i will though :D 

lyn ! julie ! if you're reading this .I WILL OK ! hahahahah we'll do it together : >

sem just started and we're busy already ! (as usual)
With all the projects and weekly assignments pouring on us. RAWR . I.will.be.fine.
In fact, we'll all be fine. I know that : >
I admit i was extremely anxious throughout the first week.

"will I be able to graduate on time??" 
"i have a strong feeling that i'll flunk" 
"this lecturer is immensely intimidating!
  he is definitely going to fail me !"

yes. it was only our first week. i was so paranoid to that extent that
I was really quiet throughout the week at home and my family thought i'm sick lol

but i was actually sort of meditating
I had to mollify myself, telling myself that I can do it .___. 


told the girls about it and apparently they felt nothing
i was surprised. i even had this thought that they'll be moving on to the next sem .___.
i felt so vulnerable :<

fortunately things got better on the second week. Still paranoid. but better 
what made me feel better ?

I went rock climbing with my college mates. and once with nad.
SHE IS REALLY GOOD AT IT. she's a born monkey definitely. I was impressed! 
anyway. cut the crap

rock climbing sort of enlightened me
it is super tough (for me). 
to get it up to the top.it requires a lot strength, determination, courage, positivity, planning and focus.
same apply to life. or to this sem for me :P
it's just that we need to focus! with not a bit of negativity! 
one single thought of  " I CAN'T DO IT " and you're doomed
Be Strong. you can do it. you're beyond what you think you are.
and yea despite all the obstacles. i went to the top... 

they took pictures! but yea none of them post them up -___- 
so let's leave it for the next time 

good bye for now : >